Well, remember that one otome game I was telling you about before, Rock Robin? Well imagine my surprise when the creator invited me to play the demo! How could I say no?! Plus looking at the guys over again and the updates some of them made me really want to give it a whirl! I haven’t played much of it but I like the beginning already, REVENGE!! MWAHAHAHAHA! I love revenge, I’m petty like that. I think that’s why I like the manga Skip Beat by Yoshiki Nakamura so much (such a good manga, READ IT and Tokyo Crazy Paradise! You won’t regret it, I promise!).

So you start off with being kicked out of your band, not to sure if it’s your band per-say or if you just wrote songs or what but hey! I be pissed! I can be pissed! It’s my band in my head now I did it all! My first thoughts were though to be honest ..wow Joel is pretty hot! Then I saw Natasha and was like, psh, slut and then the pièce de résistance, Sterling. Ass-hats are throwing me out of my own band! I instantly didn’t like Sterling. What kind of douche wears sunglasses indoors?

Joel is on the left, Sterling is center and Natasha is on the right.

Well the guards have to come and escort me (Robin but for the sake of my sanity I’m just going to say me) out on my butt and since I’m mega tired tonight I’m gonna end it here before I sink my teeth more into this. I’m having high hopes for this but only time will tell!


Yeap! I finally got Tom to be able to be in my party! Woohoo! I forgot to mention yesterday that I got my first achievement! Yes! there’s achievements in the game as well! Spiffy addition if I do say so myself. No one really see’s them but yourself but you can always brag about it to friends or on your blog and just have the self satisfaction of it. Maybe in the future there will be an uplink to a profile on the official webpage with other games but for now it’s just for you.

Click more for my continued adventure!


Well! I have been hankering for an RPG after playing a lot of Magical Diary so I’m gonna play some Planet Stronghold again! Wish it could be Loren but seems like that’s not even going to make it for my birthday. 。゜(`Д´)゜。
When we left last off I was uhh, wth was I doing? Hmm, from that point I remember that Tom got injured/poisoned somehow also something I think about finding some computer parts I think so I was off to explore the planet with my main goal to save Tom! This introduced a really neat aspect of the game that I came to enjoy. You ‘land’ on a section of the planet and you get to explore it. Sometimes there’s events and sometimes there’s enemies but you never know til you explore some.

I really enjoyed clearing the maps. Ya you don’t have to but I just have this thing where I need to, plus you get some experience points! Click more for my continued adventure.


When we last left off something happened at the dance when I was hangin’ with my fairies and now Ellen is all in a huff. Uhhh, I think I’m just gonna chose ‘change the subject’ cause I don’t remember what it was from last night. ._. Apparently it goes to who Virginia likes but ah well as long as Ellen isn’t in a huff now, all’s good! They be my girls! I decide to study for the weekend and urg, study with Minnie just to see how ‘better’ she is then me. I learn some black magic with her which makes me understand how she won that election now. I chose to study white magic for the week then wtf? I run into Damien in the evening. He asks me to go eat with him and he’s all ‘charming’ about it but that vibe won’t leave me alone so psh, if the chili was that bland might as well get a decent meal off him. I test the waters saying ‘oh, I can’t afford it’ and of course he says he’ll pay, score! Had my eye on some accessory’s in the store anyway and after a month of snubbing me he better pay! See how things went by pressing more!


Well I’m finally rolling up my sleeves and playing it! I hate not having a strategy guide to know if I’m doing things right buuuttt I guess I’ll just have to play blind. So far though I met the cutie Damien but… from the ‘gossip’ I hear about him I dunno if I’ll go for him, just get this weird vibe. Plus I hate having those player ending, ya, I’m a sucker for happily ever afters so sue me. Also the teacher Grabiner is apparently romance-able and mmmmm, I do so love that! Takes me back to Himuro Reiichi from Tokimeki Girls Side! Swooon~ If I could I’d have romanced him twice! Grabiner isn’t quite as hot though soooooo we’ll see. More after cut.


I’ve been fiddling with the idea of getting Magical Diary by Hanako Games off and on for awhile now and the ‘on’ finally won out. I’ve been in another huge kick as well, the Princess Maker kick. I love those type of games! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things to plus there’s going to be 6 in the series! The next one being a male main character though so blarg! I’ll probably still get though. XD There’s girl romances both male and female in this one so I’m gonna assume the male version will be both male and female as well. Although I’ll be pursuing male to female in the male one cause.. I just don’t like yaoi. (´ω` ) Don’t get me wrong I don’t bash it but it’s just not my thing besides I played so many old Harvest Moons it doesn’t matter that much to me. XD Anyway! Expect to hear my thoughts on it sooner or later! Til then say Hi to ‘Nicole Amell!’ …cookie to who knows where I got that last name from. (๑◕ܫ←๑)

Been kinda moody lately, going from high to low here and there. I think it’s from hearing good news I get so pumped for then bad news like maybe an hour later. Also I tend to get ignored or feel like it which bums me out. So I tend to fall into my little ‘home away from home’ farming sims. I became addicted to these from Harvest Moon and it has blossomed ever since. I tend to buy systems to play the games when they come out, ala, Rune Factory 4 for the 3DS. So pumped for that. The Rune Factory series has everything I love taming&raising monsters, farming, romance and leveling/dungeons. Heck I bought a PS3 when they announced Tides of Destiny was being localized. Well I’ve been browsing some independent game developers and I notice some of them are making games like Harvest Moon as well and that makes me happy. I decided to gather all of them up on this post if anyone has any others to add please say so. So, on with the games!