Been kinda moody lately, going from high to low here and there. I think it’s from hearing good news I get so pumped for then bad news like maybe an hour later. Also I tend to get ignored or feel like it which bums me out. So I tend to fall into my little ‘home away from home’ farming sims. I became addicted to these from Harvest Moon and it has blossomed ever since. I tend to buy systems to play the games when they come out, ala, Rune Factory 4 for the 3DS. So pumped for that. The Rune Factory series has everything I love taming&raising monsters, farming, romance and leveling/dungeons. Heck I bought a PS3 when they announced Tides of Destiny was being localized. Well I’ve been browsing some independent game developers and I notice some of them are making games like Harvest Moon as well and that makes me happy. I decided to gather all of them up on this post if anyone has any others to add please say so. So, on with the games!