Well~ for my first official game/play review I’m going to be playing Always Remember Me! I already started this one but not that far. So far my beau, Aaron, and me got in a wreck and he has amnesia now. PERFECT! Now I can hit on that hot megane (glasses wearing)  guy I’ve JUST noticed at my work, Lawrence. He’s a real shy  sweetie pie which just adds more icing to the cake in my book! Also now his ex-gf is hanging around and I’m just like all ( ಠ益ಠ ) at her! …used to know someone like her and I want to SLAP her! So I’m just gonna go drool and eat ice cream with Lawrence.

I also got some secret admirer that reads my blog! No not this one, the one in the game! I ignored it so I dunno what’s going to happen with that route but we’ll see! Got a new book as well at the library, read that and even blogged there cause my own computer took a flop. What luck huh? Wreck, crappy ex comes back and worse my COMP GOES AWRY!

Well that’s it for now, oh! Plus Aaron’s dad showed up. …Honestly there’s a silly skit with him as a romance option but hell, I WOULD go for him if he was. =d He has glasses and is older! Just need to shave that mustache though.  All in all though I’m enjoying myself.  It reminds me a bit of Tokimeki Girls Side which I love~ so I have hopes for this.