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Yesterday I stumbled upon two very awesome otome games! They are both reminisce of Princess Maker and Tokimeki. The first of the two is called Maid of Midsummer which I have the pleasure of being a beta tester for when available!

The art is what instantly drew me in on this one. Shallow, yes I know but I can’t help but like what I like! This one is going to be geared more towards Tokimeki gameplay. The UI is breathtaking as well as the guys. ^_~ To sum the story up I would say is that some of my luck rubbed off on the Heroine and she got stuck being a maid. Your job is to keep the place spic and span and try to nail yourself a sugar daddy. Okay maybe not the last part but within time there is going to be a huge ball and no girl wants to go alone, right? I seen the word fairy when I was reading about it and I got my hopes up be alas it’s an all human cast. Maybe for the creators next game cause from their art they would make some wicked demi-humans (fairies, dragon, demons, angels, etc etc)!
You can visit for more info on the game here:

the other game that I stumbled upon is called Marchioness’ Teacup. The gameplay is going to be more Princess Maker style on this one. This one seems to be very in the early developmental stages though so we’ll have to see how this one turns out. What intrigues me a lot to is what the creator said the setting will be. To quote them, it will be “A combination of Three Kingdoms Period, Sengoku Era, and Medieval Fantasy settings”. A very promising setting if I do say so myself.

I find the art adorable in it. I just want to pinch her cheeks! I have to wonder though if it will be truly like Princess Maker and she’ll grow up or will it take place over just the course of a year as like most games.
You can visit more info on the game here:

I have very high hopes for both and can’t wait til their both finished! I’ll keep you posted so check back for more!


In my endless scourging of the net I found a game that is actually inspired by Tokimeki Girls Side and the creator even played it! Imagine my suprise and excitement on that. I love those games and it still pains me to this day that no one has localized a one! WTF are game company’s thinking? Anyway, the game is called Lucky Rabbit Reflex.

Instead of taking place in japan though it takes place in the United Kingdom. I like, I like. I always did have a thing for brits plus it’s unique in my book. From what the blog boasts it will contain:

19 endings
5+ romanceable gentlemen
75 unique CGs
150+ unique items of clothing and accessories
CG / endings gallery
178,861 words

Will I finally get my Himuro Reiichi in a game? Only time will tell! There was a beta applications but alas I was to late. Always friggin’ to late, just my luck. Again, if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. Anyway, there’s even going to be a cooking mini-game in it! How cool is that! Even cooler is you can decide on your outfit just like in Tokimeki! I wonder if there will be sports events (like bread race) and the school trip you take and do the pillow fight and get to sight see with your man~ So far I have my eye on Per but it could change, I got to get a feel for the characters and if there’s any secret ones. Can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on this one! =d
Official Site here:

After playing a bit of Moon Diver on my PS3 with a friend (and getting my butt handed to me) I decided I should play something a bit less fast past so…. instead of continuing the drawing I’m working on I decided to play Rock Robin!
Continuing after I got myself kicked out of my own band I now was trying to hit people up for a smoke when a mysterious hero with a pack comes and gives me one! I thought he was hitting on me to but say wha? He isn’t?! FFFFF, get back here ass, wtf is wrong with me?! Then oh?! Shitstick wouldn’t even take my money for the pack of cigs? Ya well, one, you lost out on all this and two, kiss my ass. Time to go drink the memories away, wheee! I wanted to go get my stuff from the douche’s (Sterlings) apartment but I didn’t want to go back cause then I’d end up burning the whole place down happily but I don’t want to go to jail cause of him so lets get drunk!
So I end up in a small bar I know owned by a guy named Owen that is married to a girl named Tracy. I know him from 2 years ago so hey! let me stay at your place! He’s whipped so he has to go ask his wife if I can stay. After getting the okay from the ol’ ball and chain he gives me a funny look, whatever that was for, and I head to my new room. Nice place if I do say so myself, should prob take some tylenol or something for the pain but to tired from all the crap before and end up falling asleep then waking up with pain all over. Okay! time to make a plan to get back at them, mwahaha!
Step 1: Get a drink.
Step 2: Make plan.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT!!!
Ya, that seems about right but while planning that out I hear some kid having a hissy-fit near me. Little shit knocks over my drink so I get up all in his ‘I’m gonna tell daddy!’ face! I ‘escort’ him out but as I go to get another drink Owen stops me, argh! Now I have to stagger myself to another bar but hark, do I hear the daddy’s boy laughing at me? Go back home and ask him for a bottle, that’s the only drinks you’ll be able to have tonight. Oh? Whoa whoa whoa here, your daddy’s a drumming legend? I try to keep myself from grinning evilly and saying ‘Excellent’ ala Mr. Burns from Simpsons but this could work in my favor. I try to flash him my ‘winning smile’, time to butter this sucker up! Oh, that drink you spilled, water under the bridge, let me go buy you one now.
I wake up in a hotel room with knocking on the door. The kids on the floor and I wonder if… I didn’t? DAMMIT, why the hell not?! I answer the door and… why hello there handsome. Wait your kicking me out and arresting me for something I have no clue about? ARGH! From bad to worse.

We did that? EPIC! I love it! Wait, he isn’t the good brother wow this is getting better and better. Why didn’t I at least sleep with him again? Phenomenal! He used a stolen credit card to pay for the room! I end up getting separated from him as well while he is probably getting away scott free from this while I’m in ‘detention’ with the manager. Well while I await my punishment I think I’ll end this for tonight!

Well, remember that one otome game I was telling you about before, Rock Robin? Well imagine my surprise when the creator invited me to play the demo! How could I say no?! Plus looking at the guys over again and the updates some of them made me really want to give it a whirl! I haven’t played much of it but I like the beginning already, REVENGE!! MWAHAHAHAHA! I love revenge, I’m petty like that. I think that’s why I like the manga Skip Beat by Yoshiki Nakamura so much (such a good manga, READ IT and Tokyo Crazy Paradise! You won’t regret it, I promise!).

So you start off with being kicked out of your band, not to sure if it’s your band per-say or if you just wrote songs or what but hey! I be pissed! I can be pissed! It’s my band in my head now I did it all! My first thoughts were though to be honest Joel is pretty hot! Then I saw Natasha and was like, psh, slut and then the pièce de résistance, Sterling. Ass-hats are throwing me out of my own band! I instantly didn’t like Sterling. What kind of douche wears sunglasses indoors?

Joel is on the left, Sterling is center and Natasha is on the right.

Well the guards have to come and escort me (Robin but for the sake of my sanity I’m just going to say me) out on my butt and since I’m mega tired tonight I’m gonna end it here before I sink my teeth more into this. I’m having high hopes for this but only time will tell!

When we last left off something happened at the dance when I was hangin’ with my fairies and now Ellen is all in a huff. Uhhh, I think I’m just gonna chose ‘change the subject’ cause I don’t remember what it was from last night. ._. Apparently it goes to who Virginia likes but ah well as long as Ellen isn’t in a huff now, all’s good! They be my girls! I decide to study for the weekend and urg, study with Minnie just to see how ‘better’ she is then me. I learn some black magic with her which makes me understand how she won that election now. I chose to study white magic for the week then wtf? I run into Damien in the evening. He asks me to go eat with him and he’s all ‘charming’ about it but that vibe won’t leave me alone so psh, if the chili was that bland might as well get a decent meal off him. I test the waters saying ‘oh, I can’t afford it’ and of course he says he’ll pay, score! Had my eye on some accessory’s in the store anyway and after a month of snubbing me he better pay! See how things went by pressing more!


Well I’m finally rolling up my sleeves and playing it! I hate not having a strategy guide to know if I’m doing things right buuuttt I guess I’ll just have to play blind. So far though I met the cutie Damien but… from the ‘gossip’ I hear about him I dunno if I’ll go for him, just get this weird vibe. Plus I hate having those player ending, ya, I’m a sucker for happily ever afters so sue me. Also the teacher Grabiner is apparently romance-able and mmmmm, I do so love that! Takes me back to Himuro Reiichi from Tokimeki Girls Side! Swooon~ If I could I’d have romanced him twice! Grabiner isn’t quite as hot though soooooo we’ll see. More after cut.


I’ve been fiddling with the idea of getting Magical Diary by Hanako Games off and on for awhile now and the ‘on’ finally won out. I’ve been in another huge kick as well, the Princess Maker kick. I love those type of games! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things to plus there’s going to be 6 in the series! The next one being a male main character though so blarg! I’ll probably still get though. XD There’s girl romances both male and female in this one so I’m gonna assume the male version will be both male and female as well. Although I’ll be pursuing male to female in the male one cause.. I just don’t like yaoi. (´ω` ) Don’t get me wrong I don’t bash it but it’s just not my thing besides I played so many old Harvest Moons it doesn’t matter that much to me. XD Anyway! Expect to hear my thoughts on it sooner or later! Til then say Hi to ‘Nicole Amell!’ …cookie to who knows where I got that last name from. (๑◕ܫ←๑)

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