Woot! Loren romance options announced today! I can’t wait for this game! (〇□〇 ) I’m happy to see my Mesphit is going to be romanceable~ but sadden as well that it will be shorter cause he’ll only be able to in the DLC/expansion. φ(´д`o) I can see the need to have one pure-homo option for both sexes but I just didn’t see it coming that it would be Karen to be honest. If anyone I thought Myrth since she’s like a druidess but that’s just my opinion. XD

Mmmm, I think my first playthrough will be with Rei at the moment. Yaya, I love me my elfs!! XD Although it may be Draco if his personality is better. Also I thought he was gonna be an elf to but not 100% sure on that. o.O  Second will be Draco (or Rei) or vice-versa depending on again personality. Third I’ll probably try a yuri one.  I may play as Saren once cause 1) I love that name! and 2) I think Myrth is pretty. XD Also Dora is adorable!! If she was romanceable (which I think would bring in the loli crowd which is BIG!) then we should get a shota (male version of loli) version! I love me my shota’s to. =d Who’s with me now?!

Updated: Well now Amukiki is now romanceable by both and Draco is now pure male romance. I sorta got the vibe that Draco would be more suitable for that but Amukiki for both well I can see it cause it depends on the personality. As strange as it may sound, I may do a playthrough and romance Karen/Loren. We can rule the Amazons! Hellz ya! Ya, I like being royalty/worshiped, so sue me.