Fighting off the urg to play a dating sim because I want to beat this at least once and keep my concentration on it I decided to start it up! Well after hearing Fox complain about how I love aliens or something, I decided to piss her off more and.. head for the rebel base! =D Trollololol, yes I know. The rebel leader makes a snide comment about Fox and I already like them-holy crap is hot! He pisses Fox off so that’s enough for me to listen to him. So you want me to team up with a smart, not to mention sexy, that might have fought along side a descendent of mine, oh and sexy rebel? Where do I sign?! After oogling-I mean agreeing to work with Damien, the rebel leader, I decide to head back and oogle-err, find out if he got any new information in that uh, 1 second leave. Heck ya! I knew he was awesome, they have an arena! To show off how badass I am I decide to join the arena. God I love arena’s in games, their so primal and fun. I love being the one to be on top at the end! Since theirs no 1 on 1 I decide for a 3 on 3. Should have done 2 on 2 with me and Tom but bah! Didn’t think of that til now.
Woot! Pwnage and even get score points with Damien for it! =d Bonus~

Apparently I need a break? So I decide to come back later. I sleep for the night to replenish my hp and stuff and…go right back to pwn that arena! This time it’s just me and Tom, yay! After more battles we win and more points scored with Damien! Least, rest and back for more again~ I want to be Queen of the Arena! Oh snap! There is an achievement for it?! SWEET! It’s King of the Arena but well I’ll still take it. Rinse and repeat and I go back again to brag about my title. No more arena but oho~ he wants to fight me in a duel for a pistol. I’m game but I’m not gonna puss out and have someone else fight this duel, oh no, your ass is mine! Long story shot, I won!
After resting and updating my armor/weapons and stuff time to continue the quest! We go to the desert to find out about the disturbance and what do you know, we get attacked. We turn them into junk and head back to the base. Oho~ the plot thickens! I go to tell the Prince about what happened but then the Marada Queens tells me I have to unite the races now, blah. Fun’s over. First stop is the Dredan’s home turf. Mwhahaha, sowing doubt where ever I go! Time to free their slaves! First set free! Second set ..crap, trap. I got back to rub it in her face though that her slaves are free and oh snap! My first boss fight! Hand her, her ass and chase the rest off. Next it time for the.. slime race? Wait shouldn’t they be like the first enemy in an RPG? Well time to show them a movie! Well after getting those races I think I’ll stop for the night.