On my continued adventure in Planet Stronghold I now can visit places in any order I want! I decide to head to the training facility to see all the new eye candy-err new recruits. Oddly I find Fox there, she must have had the same thoughts as me ..although I get dibs first! I approach her so she can ‘respect my authoritah!’ and rub her face in it. She calls me an alien lover like that’s gonna hurt me? Psh, ever hear of Mass Effect? I was all over Garrus and wishing I could be all over Wrex and/or Grunt. Also Legion but that’s another story. I ask about training but I didn’t mean her training but ah well. I guess I can train here now as well. Nifty!

As with all RPG’s that have companions, even if I don’t like them, I still talk to them to see how they are doing cause when it hits the fan I don’t really want them to know how much I loath them …like Anders from Dragon Age 2. Just shut up and heal, bitch! Anyway, I ask her how she’s doing and all so I decide to ask her about her hobbies but, err, that doesn’t turn out so good but meh, least I talked to her.
I decide to leave and head to bar next. After dealing with Fox I think I need a drink. From one headache to the next, Philipp is here. He really needs to work on his pick-up lines. He did sorta compliment me so I’ll buy him a drink. Besides he’s a teammate so I gotta treat him. I think I’ll let him drink mostly and just get myself a nice buzz going before I go see Tom~
I head to the hospital thinking he might be there but sadly it’s just Rumi. She’s pretty cool so I’ll talk to her. Oho, she gives me some uber medicine which give her even more bonus points in my book! Not much else going on with her? Okay, good, where the hell are you Tom?! The hanger is to the right so I head there next. SCORE! I strike up a conversation with him and urg, he seems bothered by me taking command now. Aww, sweetcheeks, don’t worry your still my right hand man. He seems to be worried about my decision, don’t you trust me? (TωT) Oho? Do I smell a little bit of envy on him? I decide to tease him and possibly get the option to do him in the hanger but sadly I don’t, but I do get friendship points, woohoo!
Next stop is the science lab to see how their working on my Legion copy lovebot but all that happens is Lucille updates me on amplifiers affecting the robots. I’ll check that out after I talk to everyone! I head to the hanger next and Dupont is there building grenades and even gives me one, hell ya! Their forbidden, even better! Last but not lease I find ‘chelle in the lounge. Must be nice to relax, you don’t have to get all the races and crap together!
I head to my private quarters and a rebel appears! Oho? Their leader wants to talk? Well okay, you guys do have big guns, I like me my guns.

Well now that I finished everything inside the colony I think I’ll pause here for the night. My first stop next time will be to see this leader, I heard some hot-err things about him. Catch ya next time!