I’m feeling a bit violent tonight because of being in a miffed mood so I think Planet Stronghold will be perfect tonight! It would be Loren: Amazon Princess but sadly that isn’t out yet.
When we last left off I was in the middle of a big decision. I have made it! I am siding with the Prince! Hope that doesn’t piss Tom off to much because he’s such a by the book type of guy. Plus Tom thinks the cat girl is lying and I’m not to far from believing him, I mean, I always back up my man! Although like I said I think Tom just has blinders on at the moment. Fox butts in but I value her opinion as much as I value a brain hemorrhage. Everyone backs me up and my relation with the King plummets. Psh, like I care but then he sends out some robots to attack us. Annoying ass! Just take being overthrown like a man!
After we hand him back his robots back in pieces we kick his ass to the curb. The Queen, even though knowing about it, didn’t do anything and kept silent. Guess she was a trophy wife and just wanted to keep that cooshee Queen spot.

SCORE! I’m the leader of an army now, mwahahah! Power, POWER! I feel bad for taking my mans spot but if he’s really okay with it then..YES! Call me Commander Shep-err wrong game.
We end up calling it a night after that and to my joy I wake up Fox yelling at Tom. FFFF! You want to do 1,000 laps around the base? No? Then STFU, I’m the leader now!
Now I get free roam around the base so before I go exploring I think I’ll stop again for tonight. See ya next time!