Yeap! I finally got Tom to be able to be in my party! Woohoo! I forgot to mention yesterday that I got my first achievement! Yes! there’s achievements in the game as well! Spiffy addition if I do say so myself. No one really see’s them but yourself but you can always brag about it to friends or on your blog and just have the self satisfaction of it. Maybe in the future there will be an uplink to a profile on the official webpage with other games but for now it’s just for you.

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Back to the quest at hand! I find the spot where the signal for the Prince is coming from and crap. We got put to sleep somehow and wake up to a cat girl thinger? …I don’t like her. I dunno why but I just don’t like her buuutttt I do get to see that cutie Prince again! =d Tom wakes up and is ready for action again, that’s my boy! So some talking with the Prince and Cat Girl Queen, I don’t want to give away the plot and stuff to much but uh, ya, I’m gonna have to agree with Tom with this one …not just cause I want to get into his pants and all, oh no, it’s that but I do agree totally with him. Now… their saying I have some incredible force within me, so I’m a jedi? Either way I like that. I like being ‘the chosen one’ in games, I don’t know why people don’t like that it baffles me. Anyway, now I have to unite all the alien races? Kick ass! I dunno if I want to yet til I hear the whole story but now we’re taking the Prince back but he doesn’t want to go back without the cat girls escort troops. Psh, if Tom says no then I agree! So everyone is ganging up on Tom and the cat girl queen says she can kill us all in an instant, AGAIN which pisses me off more. Can I kill her now? Well if Tom says we can trust her for now then I guess it’s okay. Just remember you were this damn close from getting your head exploded with mah mind!
So now we drag the Prince back to his mom and dad. The Prince is afraid his dad would kill him and that’s why he wanted the cat girl guards? Wtf? The Kind and Prince talk and oh snap! Their arguing and aw crap, I have to pick a side?! Bravo winterwolves games, bravo. I like this! Crap it’s going to affect my romance options to? FFFF! Man this is so cool though! I just hope I don’t pick the wrong side and mess up my chances with Tom. I’m probably gonna go with the Prince and no it’s NOT cause he’s hot but because I don’t like how the King is doing things …but I will in another playthrough. (* ̄ー ̄*) I think before I make the decision I’m gonna head to bed. I hate making a big decision and not having the oomph to play after! So I’ll catch you later! Remember folks, like my brother always says, violence solves everything!