Well! I have been hankering for an RPG after playing a lot of Magical Diary so I’m gonna play some Planet Stronghold again! Wish it could be Loren but seems like that’s not even going to make it for my birthday. 。゜(`Д´)゜。
When we left last off I was uhh, wth was I doing? Hmm, from that point I remember that Tom got injured/poisoned somehow also something I think about finding some computer parts I think so I was off to explore the planet with my main goal to save Tom! This introduced a really neat aspect of the game that I came to enjoy. You ‘land’ on a section of the planet and you get to explore it. Sometimes there’s events and sometimes there’s enemies but you never know til you explore some.

I really enjoyed clearing the maps. Ya you don’t have to but I just have this thing where I need to, plus you get some experience points! Click more for my continued adventure.

So back at the base with everything collected I go from place to place to see if I missed anything and I meet …Fox, urg. She starts being a sarcastic ass when I say she can join my team, so I’m all like fine, we don’t need you bitch! Then she thinks I’ve just been lucky and crap. Go jump off a cliff Fox. 凸( ̄(エ) ̄”) I loose friendship with her, ah well, no sweat off my back. I turn to leave and then she’s all like tsundere and says she’ll join us. So I check all the spots and apparently I had to head to the science lab. You’d think I’d know to take computer parts to a science lab but uhh, I won’t say anything if you won’t. I deliver them then they kicked me out the door saying come back later so…. I turn right around back in and hey, what do you know, it’s done! Damn they work fast. And Tom’s there, ooooh yea~ I wasn’t paying attention to some of it, staring at Tom there but huh, what? He thinks it’s a trap? Then heck ya I agree to! We can’t go cause of a sandstorm til the morning? Oho~ are you asking me what I think you are Tom? (* ̄∇ ̄*) No? Dangit.
So were all gathered outside the Royal Chambers in our gang huddle, pushing Fox away from Tom and being close to him and heck ya! The King wants me and Tom to share command and make decisions together! That’s so adorable! Making decisions with my beau! (๑→‿←๑) …if only in my head but *cough* yea. So it’s off to look for the Prince!
I cleared most of the map of enemies and start on the events. I won’t give all the details of them because there’s quite a few and I’m lazy mostly so I’ll just write about the main one! I think though that I’ll do that tomorrow (or when I start it again) and start blogging again about the main one cause I don’t think I have it in me to continue. Catch you next time! ( u _ u ). z Z

i didn't knock them out to be alone with you, what ever gave you that idea?