When we last left off something happened at the dance when I was hangin’ with my fairies and now Ellen is all in a huff. Uhhh, I think I’m just gonna chose ‘change the subject’ cause I don’t remember what it was from last night. ._. Apparently it goes to who Virginia likes but ah well as long as Ellen isn’t in a huff now, all’s good! They be my girls! I decide to study for the weekend and urg, study with Minnie just to see how ‘better’ she is then me. I learn some black magic with her which makes me understand how she won that election now. I chose to study white magic for the week then wtf? I run into Damien in the evening. He asks me to go eat with him and he’s all ‘charming’ about it but that vibe won’t leave me alone so psh, if the chili was that bland might as well get a decent meal off him. I test the waters saying ‘oh, I can’t afford it’ and of course he says he’ll pay, score! Had my eye on some accessory’s in the store anyway and after a month of snubbing me he better pay! See how things went by pressing more!

Next week and Ellen gets a letter from home and wtf? WTF kind of family does she have?! Poor, poor girl! Aw, crud, today is the day I’m gonna meet him? Uh, well, I am the better person so I’m sorry Ellen I did make plans. You guys wanna know who? Uhhh, does ‘meal ticket’ count? No? Well I guess it will be a secret then, they hate his name anyway and sure as heck ain’t gonna even pretend it’s Minnie. While waiting for Damien I do some magic shopping and wonder what some of them look like but decide to hold off til I get more money under my belt. After looking around at the people Damien finally decides to make his appearance. Man, I would have been pissed if he didn’t show. We get to the restaurant and whoa, wait. Did you say there’s elfs and dragons? WHERE?! Why the hell am I hanging around him for?! Argh! Now there’s a menu I can’t read? Like he didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to read it, the jerk. I don’t want to look like a total noob, even though I am, and I don’t want him to order for me and be all passive so I’ll get whatever catches my eye. Score! I chose pretty good and start to enjoy my meal but err wait? I want to know where your from? So.. wait… wha? WTH kind of parents would do that? Okay, I dunno if I believe all that but it can’t be all lies, can it? I dunno, maybe he just wants me to feel sorry for him, either way foods here! He tells me about William but I dunno, I mean, William didn’t seem like the type but argh, just let me eat! That circlet from the Butterfly girl sounds awesome! ..Wait, does that mean you were checking out all these girls? See, vibe starting up again even though it was just calming down some. Dang I want that desert irl but I guess it’s getting late so back to school.
Assembly this week and it’s about dueling basically. I get paired off with Donald and psh, I get froze? I show him and disrupt his next spell! Hah! Now he wants to do something bad? Oh heck ya, I’m all for that! A fire dragon? DANGIT! I wanted to see! Wait, he’s being nagged on? I volunteered to duck so I’ll step in. Wait, detention?! FFFF! Counting pebbles? Crappy but on the plus side my first trophy! Yay! Ellen invites me to a play after, sounds interesting and I do owe her for not being with her that one time so sure, I’ll go! Week goes on and Donald comes over and invites me to do something, sure why not! You only live once, right? Were making candles? Dangit I wanted to cook! I always did want to make candles though so this is gonna be cool to. Wish I knew some spells to help but still I imagine it would be fun. Tedious work can be tiring so my stress goes up but I get some merits, woohoo! After doing that it’s time for that play! Tragic, boo but bloody, sounds cool! Ellen summerizes the plot and mwahahaha! I like that play! Plus, what you talking about Ellen, revenge is good for the soul, ya know. If Damien is totally playing me along and leading me into some type of trap you’ll defiantly be seeing revenge first hand. I hear someone snicker from that for some reason? I dunno but we head to our room and sleep for the night.
I think now I’ll end this play time here! After seeing that play seems like a good spot! Wonder who that snickering was, ah well, time for sleep!