Well I’m finally rolling up my sleeves and playing it! I hate not having a strategy guide to know if I’m doing things right buuuttt I guess I’ll just have to play blind. So far though I met the cutie Damien but… from the ‘gossip’ I hear about him I dunno if I’ll go for him, just get this weird vibe. Plus I hate having those player ending, ya, I’m a sucker for happily ever afters so sue me. Also the teacher Grabiner is apparently romance-able and mmmmm, I do so love that! Takes me back to Himuro Reiichi from Tokimeki Girls Side! Swooon~ If I could I’d have romanced him twice! Grabiner isn’t quite as hot though soooooo we’ll see. More after cut.

For now though I spent time with Damien then after the initiation he does a 180 on me. I dunno, that just makes the vibe feeling worse. I failed my first exam as well, whoops, but I decided to run for president so I can be with Grabiner more! ….I just hope that, that’s the good choice. Curse you no guide! I chose to be recognized by ‘A New Hope’ because that’s Lady Death’s real name. Was that or The Dragon cause I love me my dragons! …I don’t get the UFO symbol. Maybe I talk to birds to much too. I chose the two $5 dollar options for advertising cause.. I’m cheap. XD Theeennn when it came around to actually whor-err asking for support I gave away free hugs! My God, that kid Luke was adorable …is he romance-able?! I love making males blush~ =d Then Pastel came along and errr… can I go back on Luke?
Time for the big speech! An option popped up to ‘Crush my enemies’ and my God it took everything I had not to pick that! Another play-through for that …oh yes, another play-through. For now though I chose ‘Serve the will of the people’ cause magic exists to serve man, never rule over-no wait, wrong game. As for what I will do, well, none really grabbed me but I chose ‘Encourage Innovation’ cause times change but you still gotta respect some traditions. To encourage class unity I chose ‘Discussion forums’ because not everyone can get to the other options and it’s easier for everyone! ..wait do we have computers here? Ah well. Time to vote, argh, so tempted to vote for myself but I’ll be ‘good’ and vote for Minnie. Next time that vote is mine! For treasurer although Jacob is such a hottie I chose Ellen cause she’s my girl! Next time again! Well results in, FFFFFF, I failed but grats to Ellen. How the hell you win that? Guide you haunt me so!
Ellen is sneaking out at night, treasurer stuff? I dunno, but apparently I made a fool of myself so I got 10 merits, yay? Jacob stops by for sports club and damn, I don’t like his personality now. Never judge a book by it’s cover rings true. I don’t take his side cause he’s being pushie and I don’t like that. Luke? Where did you go again?
Well time goes on and I study some green magic and apparently there’s a bunch of other genders other then male and female. Interesting. I wonder if they’ll ever be in game or not. The one that changes/bends reminds me of Asari from Mass Effect. Minnie stops by.. psh, gtfo, no hard feelings my behind. I decide to study again this weekend and end up in the library and ..there she is again! Argh. No thanks.
Ruh roh, test coming up again! Studied white magic all this week cause I seem to be lowest on that and black. I dunno if I should be taking the other ones with Grabiner though to get closer so argh! Where art thou strategy guide?! Next test arrives! So I decided to go for blue! Got Asari on my mind now and what do you know, it worked! I got 5 merits as well!
Dance coming up for fairies! Heck ya I’m gonna go!!! Romantic? Psh I don’t care there’s going to be fairies!! Wouldn’t you know it though I got a letter from Damien …still don’t trust him. Not a word for a month and now this? As much as I want to tear it up I have got to hear this excuse so I can laugh in his face. I find him and …compliments? Ya so, he’s emo and he pushes me away cause of that? He semi-compliments me some more and I gain cute points, wtf is going on here?! So that pie earlier was from him? Oh ya, I got a pie, shared it with my friends like a month ago but what …is he trying to buy my affections? ARGH! I want to like him but I just get this bad, bad feeling that with him, I won’t get my ‘happily ever after’. I told him it was great cause we all had fun eating it and NOT with him plus I guess we can be friends. Why the hell do I care if he trusts me? Hell, after I graduate not like I’d talk to him again ..unless I do get that ending with him so chose ‘Of course we can’ either way. He winks at me and leaves, winks!!! ARGH! That vibe just shot so much up. Enough with that mofo and time to dance with fairies!! Well apparently at the dance some stuff happened with Ellen soooo I’m gonna stop for now before deciding what to answer. XD Dancing with the fairies is a nice way to end the night! Stay tuned for more!