Been kinda moody lately, going from high to low here and there. I think it’s from hearing good news I get so pumped for then bad news like maybe an hour later. Also I tend to get ignored or feel like it which bums me out. So I tend to fall into my little ‘home away from home’ farming sims. I became addicted to these from Harvest Moon and it has blossomed ever since. I tend to buy systems to play the games when they come out, ala, Rune Factory 4 for the 3DS. So pumped for that. The Rune Factory series has everything I love taming&raising monsters, farming, romance and leveling/dungeons. Heck I bought a PS3 when they announced Tides of Destiny was being localized. Well I’ve been browsing some independent game developers and I notice some of them are making games like Harvest Moon as well and that makes me happy. I decided to gather all of them up on this post if anyone has any others to add please say so. So, on with the games!

Flower Shop:

It’s a male romance female one and more of a visual novel then farming sim but it has farming additions to it and I played and beat it but oddly enough, even though pursuing a romance I ended up with no one. Shows my ‘skillz as a playa’.
Official site located here:

Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook:

It’s not out but from my info it seems it going to be like Flower Shop but it’s going to be female main character romancing males. I already know who I’m going for, Jacob. Because as the song goes ”cause a shy guy, is the kind of guy who will always be mine.’~ (。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)♡

Official site located here:

Tailor Tales:

Another female man character romancing males. This one is instead of farming per-say you run a Tailor Shop. I believe you do plant though cotton and other necessities and apparently there will be a more risque option of how to handle marriage and all! Very unique if I must say. This one is going to be made with RPGMaker though and personally, I very much love 2D sprites. Heck, I grew up with them and the older Harvest Moons were that. There will be time and weather as well but I have to wonder will there be events and/or rivalry scenes. One thing I always wanted was jealousy. I mean I’m sure in a small town word would get around that you were being close with another man but meh, we’ll see.
Official site here:

Happy Field!:

This time it seems to be more of the classic Harvest Moon type game. You can be male or female and romance bachelors and bachlorettes. Again it’s made my RPGMaker and in 2D style, the guys portraits look very smexie and the girls look very adorable if I do say so myself. Also I’m a sucker for the super deformed art. XD I’m very much looking forward to this one as well although I haven’t heard anything about events or weather although there is rivalry in this one.
Official site here:

World’s Dawn:

Now this looks really interesting! The game is made using RPGMaker again but the graphics look a bit more like they took the time to make them all, including the background. There will be time and seasons as well it says and also very neat events, including soccer, a rhythm game and even fishing! There is a demo available on the website but I have yet to try it out. It would be interesting to see how this fully develops!
Official site here: