Because I have ADD or something, I dunno, I can’t stick with one game for to long sooooooo instead of playing Always Remember Me more I’m gonna play Planet Stronghold! Plus I think I’m hankering for an RPG with the more info I get of Loren. XD

To begin I chose Lisa and psionic! I like being my own gender when I can, I’ve gotten so spoiled by a lot of games that have it now but I used to play males a lot. Older Harvest Moon games, Chrono Trigger, etc etc, you get my point. Anyway, right off the bat I’m greeted by the hunky hunk Tom (him on the right). Yum yum~ but then that high is quickly deflated by the ever ‘chipper’ Sergeant Fox. I can’t stand her. ( ̄(エ) ̄) Some guys may like her but personally she can go far, far away to put it nicely. Also I got into my first fight as well with some RoboAnts. I’m very happy with the combat in it. It’s turned based and before each fight it gives you info on it’s hp and weaknesses and such. Very, very helpful! I tend to just use normal attacks to be honest cause I think it’s the one with the least negative effects. Plus there’s a threat meter! ❤ My only gripe is I wish that the combat would go a bit 'faster'. By that I mean normally it takes awhile before they hit again if they hit multiple times unless you click the screen and make it go faster.

combat ui

Well after some talking and despising Fox some more I meet my roommate Michelle. She seems like a cutie so I think I’ll get along with her. long as she doesn’t come between me and Tom, mwahahaha! *cough* anyway. We head to the training room and here Fox is being another a-hole and decides to send me and ‘chelle against some hard mobs which we pwn and Tom’s all mad at Fox and I keep quiet but secretly I’m all like ‘hellz ya!’.

Fast foward some and zomg the Prince is missing! I check the science lab for info and it’s being attacked! Scratch one mob and I’m off to look for more clues~ Interesting enough to with the game there’s ways to avoid battle and find things with stats! For instance you can sneak past mobs in certain points which I love! I always like to max my Charisma out in games because I like to talk out really things and hell I’m a flirt, just as long as it doesn’t impact my romance negatively of course. Ya, I’m talking about you Dragon Age 2.

After gathering clues and fighting this giant mob outside we find out the royal family is being attacked! Oh noez! We split up and urg, I have to use Fox. More fighting and a new status effect ‘shock’ which freezes your character. We save them both and watch a vid and OH SNAP! the Prince is smexie to! I love guys with long hair~ ❤ along with many, many other fetishes. XD To sum it up, everything that can go wrong has gone wrong and now I get to chose my team! Hmm, Phillip, hell no. Friggin’ asshat. Jacob maybe, he is the only other guy option. ‘cehlle is my girl so high probability of that. Rumi would be my healbot so she may come, or Jacob. Well, in the end I chose Rumi and ‘celle. Rumi for my healer and ‘celle cause I need a gunner and no way I’m bringing Phillip. Go team girls! FFF! Why couldn’t I chose Tom?! Also first time limit quest. Sweet! I can chose an option and gimped them in battle, luckily it was successful. After the first one you can regroup buuuttt I’m a worry wort so I just went straight in!

Well I’m getting very tired now and I dunno if all the above makes sense still so I’m just gonna continue playing and babble on tomorrow more! XD See ya later alligators!