Well been browsing more independent games and found this other spiffy one called Rock Robin.

You play a girl that’s a head band or wants to make a band or I dunno, haven’t played Demo yet cause it said something about crashing so kinda afraid to play it. XD

Things about it are though you can only be a female main character and romance males. The creator lists it as a visual novel but what draws me into the game is the ability to create your own band. Raising stats and picking the right people and stuff is what draws me into a game. I’m kinda turned off by pure visual novels cause as someone compared them to, their like a ‘chose your own adventure’ type thing. I like raising stats and doing other things ala Always Remember Me and the famous Tokimeki Girls Side for Nintendo DS. Also games like Loren: Amazon Princess and Planet Stronghold which is more RPG’ish with romance options. I adore those games! Reminds me of Dragon Age and Mass Effect!

The characters are up on the website, located and I’m assuming that the heart next to the certain guys means their romanceable. For some reason that reminds me of Harvest Moon candidates how they used to announce them with hearts next to them which makes me giggle with happiness. Anything to do with Harvest Moon I love, love, loooveee! ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

I know I should try the demo/beta but with my backlog of games I have no time. XD So for now I’m being optimistic about it and keeping an eye out on it’s progress. If you play it though tell me what you think of it! (。・ω・。) The official webpage is located here: http://www.rockrobin.com/