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Star Wars: The Old Republic Collectors Edition pre-order! *foams at mouth*

I heard the news last night and rushed out to pre-order it this morning! …but with my luck they didn’t have the friggin early access codes, FFFFFF!!! Why do I have this sinking feeling I’m gonna miss out on them. I’ll making a scene if I don’t cause this is uber important to me! Anyway, just had to share my joy! I can’t wait to play! X3

Fighting off the urg to play a dating sim because I want to beat this at least once and keep my concentration on it I decided to start it up! Well after hearing Fox complain about how I love aliens or something, I decided to piss her off more and.. head for the rebel base! =D Trollololol, yes I know. The rebel leader makes a snide comment about Fox and I already like them-holy crap is hot! He pisses Fox off so that’s enough for me to listen to him. So you want me to team up with a smart, not to mention sexy, that might have fought along side a descendent of mine, oh and sexy rebel? Where do I sign?! After oogling-I mean agreeing to work with Damien, the rebel leader, I decide to head back and oogle-err, find out if he got any new information in that uh, 1 second leave. Heck ya! I knew he was awesome, they have an arena! To show off how badass I am I decide to join the arena. God I love arena’s in games, their so primal and fun. I love being the one to be on top at the end! Since theirs no 1 on 1 I decide for a 3 on 3. Should have done 2 on 2 with me and Tom but bah! Didn’t think of that til now.
Woot! Pwnage and even get score points with Damien for it! =d Bonus~

Apparently I need a break? So I decide to come back later. I sleep for the night to replenish my hp and stuff and…go right back to pwn that arena! This time it’s just me and Tom, yay! After more battles we win and more points scored with Damien! Least, rest and back for more again~ I want to be Queen of the Arena! Oh snap! There is an achievement for it?! SWEET! It’s King of the Arena but well I’ll still take it. Rinse and repeat and I go back again to brag about my title. No more arena but oho~ he wants to fight me in a duel for a pistol. I’m game but I’m not gonna puss out and have someone else fight this duel, oh no, your ass is mine! Long story shot, I won!
After resting and updating my armor/weapons and stuff time to continue the quest! We go to the desert to find out about the disturbance and what do you know, we get attacked. We turn them into junk and head back to the base. Oho~ the plot thickens! I go to tell the Prince about what happened but then the Marada Queens tells me I have to unite the races now, blah. Fun’s over. First stop is the Dredan’s home turf. Mwhahaha, sowing doubt where ever I go! Time to free their slaves! First set free! Second set ..crap, trap. I got back to rub it in her face though that her slaves are free and oh snap! My first boss fight! Hand her, her ass and chase the rest off. Next it time for the.. slime race? Wait shouldn’t they be like the first enemy in an RPG? Well time to show them a movie! Well after getting those races I think I’ll stop for the night.

On my continued adventure in Planet Stronghold I now can visit places in any order I want! I decide to head to the training facility to see all the new eye candy-err new recruits. Oddly I find Fox there, she must have had the same thoughts as me ..although I get dibs first! I approach her so she can ‘respect my authoritah!’ and rub her face in it. She calls me an alien lover like that’s gonna hurt me? Psh, ever hear of Mass Effect? I was all over Garrus and wishing I could be all over Wrex and/or Grunt. Also Legion but that’s another story. I ask about training but I didn’t mean her training but ah well. I guess I can train here now as well. Nifty!

As with all RPG’s that have companions, even if I don’t like them, I still talk to them to see how they are doing cause when it hits the fan I don’t really want them to know how much I loath them …like Anders from Dragon Age 2. Just shut up and heal, bitch! Anyway, I ask her how she’s doing and all so I decide to ask her about her hobbies but, err, that doesn’t turn out so good but meh, least I talked to her.
I decide to leave and head to bar next. After dealing with Fox I think I need a drink. From one headache to the next, Philipp is here. He really needs to work on his pick-up lines. He did sorta compliment me so I’ll buy him a drink. Besides he’s a teammate so I gotta treat him. I think I’ll let him drink mostly and just get myself a nice buzz going before I go see Tom~
I head to the hospital thinking he might be there but sadly it’s just Rumi. She’s pretty cool so I’ll talk to her. Oho, she gives me some uber medicine which give her even more bonus points in my book! Not much else going on with her? Okay, good, where the hell are you Tom?! The hanger is to the right so I head there next. SCORE! I strike up a conversation with him and urg, he seems bothered by me taking command now. Aww, sweetcheeks, don’t worry your still my right hand man. He seems to be worried about my decision, don’t you trust me? (TωT) Oho? Do I smell a little bit of envy on him? I decide to tease him and possibly get the option to do him in the hanger but sadly I don’t, but I do get friendship points, woohoo!
Next stop is the science lab to see how their working on my Legion copy lovebot but all that happens is Lucille updates me on amplifiers affecting the robots. I’ll check that out after I talk to everyone! I head to the hanger next and Dupont is there building grenades and even gives me one, hell ya! Their forbidden, even better! Last but not lease I find ‘chelle in the lounge. Must be nice to relax, you don’t have to get all the races and crap together!
I head to my private quarters and a rebel appears! Oho? Their leader wants to talk? Well okay, you guys do have big guns, I like me my guns.

Well now that I finished everything inside the colony I think I’ll pause here for the night. My first stop next time will be to see this leader, I heard some hot-err things about him. Catch ya next time!

I’m feeling a bit violent tonight because of being in a miffed mood so I think Planet Stronghold will be perfect tonight! It would be Loren: Amazon Princess but sadly that isn’t out yet.
When we last left off I was in the middle of a big decision. I have made it! I am siding with the Prince! Hope that doesn’t piss Tom off to much because he’s such a by the book type of guy. Plus Tom thinks the cat girl is lying and I’m not to far from believing him, I mean, I always back up my man! Although like I said I think Tom just has blinders on at the moment. Fox butts in but I value her opinion as much as I value a brain hemorrhage. Everyone backs me up and my relation with the King plummets. Psh, like I care but then he sends out some robots to attack us. Annoying ass! Just take being overthrown like a man!
After we hand him back his robots back in pieces we kick his ass to the curb. The Queen, even though knowing about it, didn’t do anything and kept silent. Guess she was a trophy wife and just wanted to keep that cooshee Queen spot.

SCORE! I’m the leader of an army now, mwahahah! Power, POWER! I feel bad for taking my mans spot but if he’s really okay with it then..YES! Call me Commander Shep-err wrong game.
We end up calling it a night after that and to my joy I wake up Fox yelling at Tom. FFFF! You want to do 1,000 laps around the base? No? Then STFU, I’m the leader now!
Now I get free roam around the base so before I go exploring I think I’ll stop again for tonight. See ya next time!

Yesterday I stumbled upon two very awesome otome games! They are both reminisce of Princess Maker and Tokimeki. The first of the two is called Maid of Midsummer which I have the pleasure of being a beta tester for when available!

The art is what instantly drew me in on this one. Shallow, yes I know but I can’t help but like what I like! This one is going to be geared more towards Tokimeki gameplay. The UI is breathtaking as well as the guys. ^_~ To sum the story up I would say is that some of my luck rubbed off on the Heroine and she got stuck being a maid. Your job is to keep the place spic and span and try to nail yourself a sugar daddy. Okay maybe not the last part but within time there is going to be a huge ball and no girl wants to go alone, right? I seen the word fairy when I was reading about it and I got my hopes up be alas it’s an all human cast. Maybe for the creators next game cause from their art they would make some wicked demi-humans (fairies, dragon, demons, angels, etc etc)!
You can visit for more info on the game here: http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10447

the other game that I stumbled upon is called Marchioness’ Teacup. The gameplay is going to be more Princess Maker style on this one. This one seems to be very in the early developmental stages though so we’ll have to see how this one turns out. What intrigues me a lot to is what the creator said the setting will be. To quote them, it will be “A combination of Three Kingdoms Period, Sengoku Era, and Medieval Fantasy settings”. A very promising setting if I do say so myself.

I find the art adorable in it. I just want to pinch her cheeks! I have to wonder though if it will be truly like Princess Maker and she’ll grow up or will it take place over just the course of a year as like most games.
You can visit more info on the game here: http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10732

I have very high hopes for both and can’t wait til their both finished! I’ll keep you posted so check back for more!

In my endless scourging of the net I found a game that is actually inspired by Tokimeki Girls Side and the creator even played it! Imagine my suprise and excitement on that. I love those games and it still pains me to this day that no one has localized a one! WTF are game company’s thinking? Anyway, the game is called Lucky Rabbit Reflex.

Instead of taking place in japan though it takes place in the United Kingdom. I like, I like. I always did have a thing for brits plus it’s unique in my book. From what the blog boasts it will contain:

19 endings
5+ romanceable gentlemen
75 unique CGs
150+ unique items of clothing and accessories
CG / endings gallery
178,861 words

Will I finally get my Himuro Reiichi in a game? Only time will tell! There was a beta applications but alas I was to late. Always friggin’ to late, just my luck. Again, if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. Anyway, there’s even going to be a cooking mini-game in it! How cool is that! Even cooler is you can decide on your outfit just like in Tokimeki! I wonder if there will be sports events (like bread race) and the school trip you take and do the pillow fight and get to sight see with your man~ So far I have my eye on Per but it could change, I got to get a feel for the characters and if there’s any secret ones. Can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on this one! =d
Official Site here: http://www.luckyrabbitreflex.com/

After playing a bit of Moon Diver on my PS3 with a friend (and getting my butt handed to me) I decided I should play something a bit less fast past so…. instead of continuing the drawing I’m working on I decided to play Rock Robin!
Continuing after I got myself kicked out of my own band I now was trying to hit people up for a smoke when a mysterious hero with a pack comes and gives me one! I thought he was hitting on me to but say wha? He isn’t?! FFFFF, get back here ass, wtf is wrong with me?! Then oh?! Shitstick wouldn’t even take my money for the pack of cigs? Ya well, one, you lost out on all this and two, kiss my ass. Time to go drink the memories away, wheee! I wanted to go get my stuff from the douche’s (Sterlings) apartment but I didn’t want to go back cause then I’d end up burning the whole place down happily but I don’t want to go to jail cause of him so lets get drunk!
So I end up in a small bar I know owned by a guy named Owen that is married to a girl named Tracy. I know him from 2 years ago so hey! let me stay at your place! He’s whipped so he has to go ask his wife if I can stay. After getting the okay from the ol’ ball and chain he gives me a funny look, whatever that was for, and I head to my new room. Nice place if I do say so myself, should prob take some tylenol or something for the pain but to tired from all the crap before and end up falling asleep then waking up with pain all over. Okay! time to make a plan to get back at them, mwahaha!
Step 1: Get a drink.
Step 2: Make plan.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT!!!
Ya, that seems about right but while planning that out I hear some kid having a hissy-fit near me. Little shit knocks over my drink so I get up all in his ‘I’m gonna tell daddy!’ face! I ‘escort’ him out but as I go to get another drink Owen stops me, argh! Now I have to stagger myself to another bar but hark, do I hear the daddy’s boy laughing at me? Go back home and ask him for a bottle, that’s the only drinks you’ll be able to have tonight. Oh? Whoa whoa whoa here, your daddy’s a drumming legend? I try to keep myself from grinning evilly and saying ‘Excellent’ ala Mr. Burns from Simpsons but this could work in my favor. I try to flash him my ‘winning smile’, time to butter this sucker up! Oh, that drink you spilled, water under the bridge, let me go buy you one now.
I wake up in a hotel room with knocking on the door. The kids on the floor and I wonder if… I didn’t? DAMMIT, why the hell not?! I answer the door and… why hello there handsome. Wait your kicking me out and arresting me for something I have no clue about? ARGH! From bad to worse.

We did that? EPIC! I love it! Wait, he isn’t the good brother wow this is getting better and better. Why didn’t I at least sleep with him again? Phenomenal! He used a stolen credit card to pay for the room! I end up getting separated from him as well while he is probably getting away scott free from this while I’m in ‘detention’ with the manager. Well while I await my punishment I think I’ll end this for tonight!